How to Modify A CrossFit Workout When Pregnant

Based on the below workout:

20-minute AMRAP of:

6 Deadlifts, 22#

7 Burpee Pull-ups

10 Kettlebell Swings, 70#

200m run



Kettlebell Deadlift: Using kettlebells verses a barbell can allow you to make room for your growing belly. With a wider stance and angled feet, keep kettlebells about shoulder width apart. Using two kettlebells verses one will allow you to keep arms apart rather than squeezing on your belly.

Burpee Pull-ups: Either hop back or step back into your burpee to a box of your choice (to the ground if you are comfortable) and eliminate push up portion. Step onto box for a jumping pull up, while trying to slowly lower yourself to the box.

*Additional modification for pull ups

Ring Rows: if you are not comfortable with a jumping pull up, you can perform ring rows in a reclined position to work similar muscle groups

Kettlebell Swings: May only need modified in terms of weight due to the added abdominal pressure placed from heavy weight. If the position of the single kettlebell is uncomfortable, you can use two

200m sprint: If you are lucky you may be able to continue running! I, however, am too comfortable to run. The assault bike is a great alternative to still spike your heartrate for a sprint, while placing less pressure on your low back and sacrum. I do a 60 second sprint to replace a 200 meter run.

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