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Welcome to our December newsletter and Happy Holidays!

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Upcoming Events!

December 21, 2017 12:00pm – Student Intern Prentations
Saif and Kris, our two Fall 2017 interns, will be presenting on their projects. Saif is presenting on “Clincial implementation of Blood Flow Restriction in a Rehab Setting.” Kris is presenting on “Efficient and Dynamic Warmup Exercises and Stretches before Workouts.” We encourage patients to attend and learn from our interns! Please let us know if you plan on attending by emailing We’d love to see you there!

Sunday January 28, 2018 8:00am-1:00pm — A Taste of Fitness 

A Taste of Fitness is Sunday, January 28th with the ONE goal to leave you feeling empowered, healthy and beautiful. You can grab a taste of tons of various 25 minute teaser classes and check out healthy experience stations! The first 150 sign ups get a Fit Bag full of free class passes around town!

Active PT will be there to give free injury screens and would love to see you there! Learn more about the event here on Beauty Boosts Eventbrite page!
Happy Holidays! 

To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, we are doing a giveaway! Give the gift of health to your friends and family (or yourself!) with a massage package, dry needling session, or an Alter G unlimited month with running analysis– your choice!

Head to our Facebook (here) or our Instagram (here) and find our giveaway post. All you have to do is like/follow our page, like the post, and comment which prize you want and tag your friends! Each friend you tag gains you an additional entry. Get a bonus entry by reposting our post. May the odds be ever in your favor 🙂 We will pick a winner on December 15th!

Christmas Wish List

We asked our physical therapists about what you and the fitness lover in your life should put on your Christmas list and they came up with a fantastic list. It also may remind you of your lovely sessions here at Active PT. Read below to find out more!

The Everyday Athlete

Dr. Mattie is encouraging the athlete in all of us, literally, with her post “The Everday Athlete.” Does this apply to you? Read below to find out!

PT in the Kitchen

Scroll to the bottom of our newsletter, PT in the Kitchen, to learn how the stress of the holidays can negate your healthy eating habits!

Sad Goodbyes!

We say goodbye to Kelsey and Michelle this month as they further their schooling. Kelsey will be working at a clinic affliated with her Physical Therapy school which starts this upcoming summer. Michelle has accepted an inpatient/outpatient cardiac rehab internship at OSU. We wish them all the best and will miss them greatly!

What’s every physical therapist’s wish for you this Christmas?

That you would do your home exercise plan of course! 😉

But seriously, we asked our expert physical therapists what you and the fitness lover in your life would like this Christmas and we’ve rounded up our favorites!

BodyBlade: Your favorite shoulder workout, right? If you want to go name brand, you can expect to pay ~$80-100, but there is also a Walmart version for only $20! (Amazon) (Walmart)

Mark Bell’s Slingshot Hip Circle: Affectionately called the “blue band of pain,” this hip activating band will certainly give anyone’s hips the burn they desire. (Amazon)

Airex Balance Foam PadsEvery single leg exercise needs to get harder, agreed? Challenge your balance and hip strength with a foam pad! (Amazon)

Foam Roller: The foam roller is friend to every active person! It is the master of mobility and all the hurts-so-good feels. You can buy the black high-density firm foam on Amazon or we carry in our clinic the white softer foam rollers for only $15! (Amazon)

BOSU: Did you know that BOSU stands for both sides up? You do now! Challenge your squats with the round side and the flat side! Buy the real deal at Amazon or spend about 50% less at Walmart on a knock-off. (Amazon) (Walmart)

Myofascial Release Balls: This is like giving someone the gift of a massage.. without having to do any work! Put these trigger-point releasing balls anywhere where tight muscles plague you for sweet relief. Stop by the clinic to purchase for $10 or you could click a button on Amazon for a couple dollars more. (Amazon)

The Everyday Athlete: I am one… and so are you!

When we see the term “athlete” it’s easy to isolate that group to the elites, like NFL players, high school sports standouts and Olympians.  But the truth is we are all athletes! I’ve been recently enlightened to the term “everyday athlete”, and I my nerdy PT brain fell in love.

The definition of an athlete is “the ability to perform a task”. This can be applied at various levels, which allows us to include, and recognize, ourselves as athletes: hence, the term “everyday athlete”.  We all perform tasks in our day whether it is lifting a bag of dog food, moving quickly to keep a child out of danger, or getting in the gym to move with a purpose. All these activities categorize us as athletes.

The “everyday athlete” is defined as an individual that cares enough about their health to do something about it, and has a basic level of activity in their lives. This to me is a perfect definition of our clientele population; otherwise you wouldn’t be with us. You cared enough about your health to seek a way to continue to move without pain. Congratulations! You are an “everyday athlete”.

The components that are required for athleticism include:
·         Strength
·         Power
·         Speed
·         Endurance
·         Agility
·         Mental toughness
·         Balance and coordination
·         Mobility
·         Stability

As PT’s these are all specialties that we train in the clinic at Active Physical Therapy, and this is why this topic hit home with me. Whether it’s the stability and balance to carry groceries, or increasing your mobility and power at the bottom of your squat this how we get to train the “everyday athlete”.  

There are seven basic movements that are required of our body with almost all activities we need, or want to perform in life.  
·         Locomotion (walking, running, skating, cycling)
·         Anti –rotation 
·         Rotation
·         Hinge 
·         Squat
·         Push 
·         Pull

A breakdown in any of these can lead to injury or ineffective training. They function on a “use it or lose it” basis. Sometimes our bodies forget, or have never been taught, how to do some of these movements. All these movement patterns should be part of your regular exercise program in order improved quality of life and hit the goals you want to see in your training.

Being an “everyday athlete” is something to be recognized for. We work hard and we have a daily grind that is real.  We compete with others and/or ourselves, we have wins and losses, we can be on the injured reserve from time to time, we push ourselves and value a life lived to the fullest. 

So, from one athlete to another; I am proud of your commitment to your body and lifestyle!

Written by Mattie, read more about her here

P.S. if you would like to nerd out with me the website  and the Everyday Athlete Podcast on ITunes are wonderful resources for the “everyday athlete”.


Phil McDougall; What Is The Everyday Athlete?; March, 2017

PT In the Kitchen: Stress and Healthy Eating

Here at Active PT, we encourage a nutrient-dense diet most of the time, but also understand that food is meant to be enjoyed. There is no time of year when this rings truer than the holiday season as we spend more time gathered around the dinner table with loved ones, baking our favorite holiday treats, and snacking on hors d’oeuvres at the staff Christmas party.

We are bound to make some less-than-healthy choices and that’s ok. Because maybe the best thing you can do for your health this holiday season is to relax.

A recent study published in Molecular Psychiatry suggests that stress may actually undo the benefits of a healthy diet 
(1). So perhaps instead of substituting cauliflower for everything delicious in life, we can savor our favorite foods and focus on destressing and slowing down amidst the holiday chaos. 

Here are a few nourishing and warm drinks to enjoy while you unwind this winter season:

Bone Broth. I know, it’s super trendy these days, but it really is delicious and good for you! Try this recipe from the Nourished Kitchen.

Turmeric Tea or “Golden Milk.” I promise its better than it sounds! Check out Wellness Mama’s recipe here.

Bulletproof tea. A different spin on the popular bulletproof coffee, this recipe uses a spicy tea (think cinnamon!) as its base.

We wish you all a very happy and restful holiday season!

Written by Quincy Ledbetter (see her bio here!)

Kat’s Challenge of the Month

Destress the Holidays!

I think it goes without saying; the holidays can be a stressful time of year! Between gift giving, cooking/baking, and family get togethers it takes a concentrated effort to find peace in the holiday whirlwind. As unique and different you are from your friends and family, each person destresses in different ways.

Your challenge, if you accept, is to find a few ways to destress during the holiday season. Research has shown that regular exercise can elevate your mood and cope with stressors. Find an activity that works with you and something you will want to do. Be okay with any amount of activity as your schedule fills up. Any activity is better than no activity!

Want more ways to destress? Here are a few articles to check out: WebMDHealthLineMayoClinic, and Health!

Written by Kat, read more about her here.

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