February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Events!

Sunday, February 11, 2018 pm 4:30pm – CrossFit Open Prep Workshop at CrossFit Grandview

Join Dr. Mattie at CrossFit Grandview to learn more about how to efficiently warm-up for the Open WODs. We will go over correct form and the purpose of each of the movements in a dynamic warm-up. Then, during the weeks of The Open we will post five Open workout specific movements to add to the basic program covered in the workshop.

We’re responsible for our own warm up and prep before our heats at The Open events, and if your not sure how to do this without a coach talking you through it…this class is for you. This efficient warm-up will have you ready to go when the clock starts! This workshop is free, but sign up at the Athlete’s corner so we can get a head count. Sign Ups will be at CrossFit Grandview’s Athlete’s Corner Friday, February 2!

Saturday February 17, 2018 9:00am — Optimizing Upper Body Mechanics for Overhead Lifting at Eleventh Element

Come learn from Dr. Kevin Do about key areas to address to help improve your overhead lifting and prevent shoulder injuries at Eleventh Element! This event is a must and it’s free! We’ll see you there!

Hilliard Clinic Renovations are in full swing!

If you’ve been paying attention on social media or coming into the clinic on a weekly basis you may have noticed a few (awesome!) changes in our Hilliard Clinic. No more blue carpet and bone white walls! We’ve fully embraced the new wood floors, updated white trim and doors, as well as a fresh coat of grey paint. Check out the photos below to see the new look!

Active PT had a busy January

There’s a good chance you saw Active PT out and about in January- we had three events going on the weekend of January 27-28! Read more below about the Hilliard Health Fair, Taste of Fitness, and Barbell Blitz!

Physical Therapy for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Missy wrote a great article about pregnancy and postpartum pain that you will want to share with all your mom friends and soon-to-be mom friends! Scroll to read more.

Highlight: Success Story 

Kevin Do had the pleasure of writing about his patient who made a huge impact on his life, and her steps of success during her treatment. This is not an article you want to miss! Read the full article here.

Kat’s Challenge of the Month

Kat is challenging you make February 1st your “New Year!” A new month is an excellent time to make a new start even if you didn’t quite suceed with your new year’s resolutions last month.

Hilliard Health Fair

Kevin, Mandi and Kat want to thank everyone who tossed our dice last weekend at the Hilliard Health Fair put on by Destination Hilliard!

We had a blast challenging you all with deep neck flexor endurance tests, sit-to-stands and push up contests! Even the Chick fil a cow stopped by and performed five box lifts! We’re excited for future opportunities to get out in the Hilliard community and are grateful for our awesome Hilliardites 🙂

Taste of Fitness!

Thanks for everyone who showed up at the Taste of Fitness last Sunday, January 28! Mattie, Missy and Leah had a blast getting to meet the 150+ attendees and vendors!

Our physical therapists were very busy assessing, correcting, and dry needling all morning. Thanks to Beauty Boost who put on the event, we hope to do it next year!

Barbell Blitz

Kevin Jones provided injury screens and onsite treatment for the CrossFit Athletes at the Barbell Blitz competition last Friday and Saturday.

Kevin thoroughly enjoyed helping the athletes achieve their best and looks forward to working with NewCov CrossFit in the future!

Physical Therapy for the Pregnant and Postpartum

Do you have pain and are pregnant or recently had a baby? Do you have pain with intercourse, low back pain or experience leaking now that you’ve had a baby? Do you still have the “mummy tummy” that you wish you could get rid of?
Physical therapists can help! The #1 reason women don’t seek physical therapy for pregnancy and postpartum pain is because they don’t know they can or their OBGYN/midwife doesn’t know either. Unfortunately, a common misconception is that pain during pregnancy will go away on its own once the baby is born. Recent research from The International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology shows that 80% of women who have pain or urinary incontinence that hasn’t resolved within 3 months postpartum, will continue to have chronic pain for years. While the pelvic floor muscles are stretched from having a baby and some leaking is normal the first 3-4 weeks post baby, beyond that leaking is not normal.

Want more? Read the full blog article here: https://activeptcolumbus.com/physical-therapy-pregnant-postpartum/

Written by Dr. Missy Gallow, PT

Patient Success Story

Patient success story highlight! Check out Jill’s story and her amazing recovery here at Active PT with Dr. Kevin Do! Here’s a little teaser:

It was 7 a.m. on a summer morning, with business as usual at Active Physical Therapy.  My first patient was a new evaluation, which was always exciting to be able to help someone new. Katrina, our front office manager, approaches me and says,  “So, your patient can not get up the curb to enter the clinic.” Right away, I knew I was in for a challenge, but little did I know how amazing and inspirational this journey was going to be for both my patient and myself. 

Click the blog link to read more: activeptcolumbus.com/when-your-life-changes-in-a-blink-of-an-eye

New Years ResolutionKat’s Challenge of the Month

Make February 1st Your “New Year”!

I get it. You have the best intentions at heart, but before you know it it’s February and your well thought out resolutions have gone by the wayside. Good news, it’s a new month, new you!

Take advantage of the new month and reinstate the good habits that you planned to do in January. You still have 11 months to accomplish what you have your heart set on and a lot of good can happen in 11 months! Achieving goals don’t typically happen overnight; it takes daily steps to accomplish your mission.

Join me in February and make this month a “new year!”

Written by Kat, read more about her here.

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