January 2018 Newsletter

Active Physical Therapy

January 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our January newsletter and Happy New Year! Read below to learn more about what’s happening at Active PT!

Upcoming Events

Saturday January 27, 2018 10:00am-3:00pm – FREE Hilliard Health and Wellness Fair

Join our team at Hilliard Davidson High School Saturday, January 27 for 50 vendors in the Hilliard area showcasing the best in health and wellness. Jump start your New Years resolutions with helpful tips and goodies from local businesses in the area. This FREE event is perfect for all ages, we’d love to see you and your family there!

Sunday January 28, 2018 8:00am-1:00pm — A Taste of Fitness 

A Taste of Fitness is Sunday, January 28th with the ONE goal to leave you feeling empowered, healthy and beautiful. You can grab a taste of tons of various 25 minute teaser classes and check out healthy experience stations! The first 150 sign ups get a Fit Bag full of free class passes around town!

Active PT will be there to give free injury screens and would love to see you there! Learn more about the event here on Beauty Boosts Eventbrite page!

Active Physical Therapy Events

Happy New Year! 

We wish you and your family a blessed 2018! Be sure to check out one (or both!) of our events in January to jump start your 2018 resolutions.

Hilliard Clinic Renovations

Are you ready for a face lift? Our Hilliard clinic is! We will be closing shop Friday, January 5th after our typical 7am-1pm and renovations will last until Monday, January 8th. We are ripping out the carpet and replacing it with wood tiled flooring, white trim with white doors, and removing the drop ceiling in the treatment space. Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook to see the renovations take place!

Active PT’s New Years Resolution: Giving back to our community!

We have teamed up with the Columbus Free Clinic to provide pro bono physical therapy services for those who wouldn’t normally be able to afford physical therapy care. The reason your physical therapist became a doctor of PT is so they could help people move pain free and get back to doing what they love! This opportunity aligns perfectly with our beliefs and we’re incredibly excited for this partnership in 2018!

Missy’s back!

Missy is back from her maternity leave and will be available to see patients starting January 3rd! If you are a previous patient of hers and would like to see her again, just send us an email at office@activeptcolumbus.com or call the clinic at 614-850-0500 to schedule. She is accepting patients Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Hilliard clinic.

Staff Changes 

Mattie will start seeing patients in our Worthington clinic January 2nd as well as continue to be our primary expert with working with our CrossFit patients at CrossFit Grandview. Get that nagging injury under control with Mattie’s numerous years of experience with high level athletes! Schedule with Mattie by email (office@activeptcolumbus.com) or phone 614-850-0500.

You’ll see a few new faces in the front office starting January! Saif, our fall semester intern, is staying on board and we also hired Cassie, an OSU student on the pre-physical therapy track, to help facilitate the patient experience in the front office.

Tips to Save Your Lower Back During Shoveling!

Read below to learn about how to avoid winter back injuries written by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Kat’s Challenge of the Month

Kat is challenging you to take this 2018 with realistic goal setting to set up good habits that will last year round. This starts by taking daily steps to make the big goal happen. Read below to learn more!

Active Physical Therapy

Active PT 2017 Round Up!

2017 has been an exciting year for Active Physical Therapy! We’ve had three semesters worth of undergraduate interns, a new logo (!), and so much more! Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see where we’ve been:

We started the year off in January with a four part mobility series held at CrossFit Grandview. Geared to help with the upcoming CrossFit open, we zeroed in on the foot & ankle, the shoulder, neck, upper back, the Hip, and lastly the core & lower back.

In February and March we were heavily involved with the CrossFit Open and helped athletes at CrossFit Grandview and Eleventh Element crush PR’s with free kinesiotaping.

Kevin O’Brien, a third-year student at the University of Dayton, joined us for his 12 week clinical from February to May.

In March we began a relationship with Baseline Fitness and started seeing our first patients in Worthington! After many years of serving the community of Hilliard and close surrounding areas, we’ve expanded our reach to Worthington and north Columbus.

We attended a few Columbus Running Company Speed Trainings starting in April. Missy and Kat demonstrated dry needling and soft tissue techniques to help the Columbus running community. Columbus Running Company came to our Hilliard office in May and we geeked out about running, walking and training shoes!

Late April we traveled to the Ronin Training Center in Grandview to show dry needling to the MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and boxing athletes.

Safiyeh, a second-year physical therapy student from the University of Dayton, joined us for her 12 week clinical in May-August.

Kevin Do coached his first Special Olympic Powerlifting team as the head coach this June. He was so proud by their accomplishments both during the meet and during weekly practices. Kevin also taught the Teays Valley cross country team correct running form and great exercises for runners late June for their cross country camp.

The whole Active PT team traveled to the Ohio State Fair for Senior Day early August. We taught balance exercises and did chair massage for the senior citizens.

Dr. Mattie joined our team mid-August and we’ve enjoyed her expansive expertise at our clinic! 

After several months of treating patients out of our Worthington office, we updated the look! The space looks great with new floors, trim and a fresh coat of paint.

September was a particulary happenin’ month! Dr. Leah joined our team of physical therapists on September 11. On September 17, Missy had her beautiful twin girls, Leona Grace and Everly Rose. Just two days later, Mandi had open heart surgery. Both Missy and Mandi have healed up well and we look forward to them being back in the clinic in 2018! To continue with the busy September, Active PT had a booth at CrossFit Fall Jam hosted at CrossFit Future.

In October we co-hosted an Active Mobility Workshop at Crossfit Grandview and had an awesome turn out. Michelle Bailey, yoga instructor with GoYoga, explained myofascial release techniques with the myofasical release balls while Mattie listed a few key mobility exercises to get lasting results.

November and December we’ve been planning and gearing up for just as exciting 2018! We will be launching new services and continuing to expand our reach in the Columbus community. We thank you for coming along with us on our journey and we to always be a source of help for yours!

-The Active PT Team

correct way to shovel snow

Tips to Avoid Winter Back Injuries

As the Mid-Atlantic states brace for another bout of winter weather expected to produce a heavy amount of snowfall, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is offering tips on how to properly shovel snow to minimize the risk of injury.


“Snow shoveling is a repetitive activity that can cause muscle strain to the lower back and shoulders, especially if a person is out of condition,” says APTA spokesperson Margot Miller, PT, of Cloquet, Minnesota. “Snow shoveling is also heavy work, so it’s important to pay attention to how you lift.”


Tips to Avoid Winter Back Injuries


Miller suggests the following tips for avoiding back injuries from snow shoveling:
  • Lift smaller loads of snow, rather than heavy shovelfuls. Take care to bend your knees and lift with your legs rather than with your back.
  • Use a shovel with a handle that lets you keep your back straight while lifting. A short handle will cause you to bend more to lift the load. Using a shovel that’s too long makes the weight at the end heavier.
  • Because the spine cannot tolerate twisting as well as it can other movements, it is important to avoid this movement as much as possible. Step in the direction in which you are throwing the snow to prevent the low back from twisting. This will help avoid the “next-day back fatigue” experienced by people who shovel snow.
  • Take frequent breaks when shoveling. Stand up straight and walk around periodically to extend the lower back.
  • Standing backward-bending exercises will help reverse the excessive forward bending that occurs while shoveling: stand straight and tall, place your hands toward the back of your hips, and bend backward slightly for several seconds.
With proper precautions and the correct snow shoveling technique, injuries to the shoulders and lower back can often be avoided. If you or someone you know has back pain, consult a licensed physical therapist. Physical therapists are experts in restoring and improving motion in people’s lives. They can treat pain without surgery, in many cases, and reduce the need for prescription medications, help patients avoid side effects.

Originally printed on the APTA website here
New Years Resolution

Kat’s Challenge of the Month

Simplify your day!

Typically when you make a long-term goal, it seems glamorous and exciting as well as overwhelming. The best way to tackle your goals is to take each day at a time. Write down what you do each day and see if there’s any wasted time which could be used for crushing your goals.

If you want to make 2018 your healthiest year yet, you might need to reassess how you spend each day. If your biggest obstacle is time- it might time for you to simplify your day (pun intended)! If you lack energy, get rid of mindless tv watching or time on your phone and try going to bed earlier!

Bottom line: get rid of distractions that might hinder you from accomplishing your goals.

Written by Kat, read more about her here.
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