January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Years!

January 1st is the perfect time to reflect and recharge! Yesterday, we all took a step back and reflected on all that 2018 had to offer, and today we take an exciting step forward to all the amazing possibilities of 2019. Today can be day one of any goal you would like to reach and we’re here to cheer you on any way we can!

We are all about goal setting at Active PT, and if you’ve ever had a session with us you’ve been asked what your goals were in your very first visit! Whether you want to increase your squat, run a marathon, be able to chase your kids/grandkids, or start a consistent workout routine but you need some guidance– we are here for you!

Whatever your goals are, below we’ve included five items to remember as you make your goals this year. Your goal will go so much farther if it meets all this criteria!

Five Goal Making Tips (aka New Years Resolutions!):

1. Make it as specific as possible: instead of aiming to “run more” be specific to how much, such as run 3x a week- Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

2. Make your goal measurable: just like the example above, by adding a specific number of days, you can measure your progress throughout the week.

3. Make your goal attainable: if you want to run more and make a goal to run 7 days a week but that would require you to wake up at 4 am 3 days a week to get the run in… I think you know where I’m going with this. It probably won’t happen.

4. Your goal should be relevant: do you want to run more because you want to stay healthy or lose weight or it makes you feel good? Make sure when you set goals, you’re looking at the why behind your goal, not just the outcome.

5. The goal should be timely: just like when you want your goal to be specific, you want to break it down time-wise. In our running example, we’ve decided Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays were our three days, but when? Will you run in the morning? Lunchtime? In the evening? Commit to a time and you will be more likely to do it!

We hope your goals passed these 5 objectives, and let us know if we can help you achieve your goals in any way!

Coming Soon!

Details coming soon for new moms with babies age 6 weeks to 6 months “4th trimester” care for mom and baby!

Wish Leah luck!

Dr. Leah will be competing in a CrossFit competition in Detroit January 19th!

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  • Cristal Foreman

    Dr Leah is awesome. My recovery has been a long process and Dr Leah has been there to encourage and support me even when I broke down in tears of frustration… she’s the reason I have’t given up. THANK YOU!!

    January 2, 2019