We’re happy to announce that we serve the communities of West Columbus, North Columbus and Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky for their physical therapy needs!

Click on the picture or heading to learn more about each Columbus or Cincinatti/Newport location!

Hilliard, Ohio

Worthington, Ohio

Newport, Kentucky

We also can come to you!

Want an appointment at CrossFit Grandview?

Call or text Dr. Mandi: 330-697-8327

Want an appointment at Eleventh Element – CrossFit Hilliard?

Call or text Dr. Leah: 614-352-3696

Want an appointment at CrossFit IPA?

Call or text Dr. Mattie: 419-308-2772

Want an appointment at NewCov CrossFit?

Call or text Dr. Kevin Jones: 513-235-7658

Want an appointment at Ronin Training Center?

Call or text Dr. Missy: 614-832-9878

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