Active Golfer Program

Did you know female golfers who do not warm-up prior to golf are 45 times more likely to report injury than those who do warm-up? Did you also know that limited trunk rotation can lead to increased back pain in amateur golfers? Whether you are a competitive golfer, an amateur golfer, or are completely new to the game of golf, Active Physical Therapy can enhance your golf body mechanics to ensure proper alignment, improve your swing, and decrease your chances of future injury. If you are suffering from an injury or want to prevent one from happening, Active Physical Therapy utilizes traditional physical therapy services along with new advanced golf specific techniques to treat your impairments, while gearing your therapy towards returning to golf safer and stronger. We are the only clinic in Columbus, Ohio to provide these unique services:


  • Biomechanical analysis of your golf swing to prevent injury and to enhance your golf swing
  • Total-body musculoskeletal evaluation including examination of the shoulders, spine, and hips
  • Video analysis of your golf swing
  • Corrective exercises to address mobility and stability impairments
  • Instructions on a proper dynamic warm-up
  • Programmed safe return to golf after surgery

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