Developed by Nasa, AlterG is committed to creating and uncovering new technologies that help advance the possibilities for recovery, training and improved mobility. By decreasing your body weight down to 20%, you can walk or run without pain! Whether your goal is to finish a marathon, get up and walk without pain, PR in a race, lose weight, regain normal activities, or work out without pain—the Alter G is for you!

Alter-G Athletes
  • • The anti-gravity treadmill enables athletes to:
    • – Continue to train while recovering from injury
    • – Add training workouts without adding as much stress to their body
    • – Perform plyometric and strengthening exercises with reduced impact
    • – Train with your natural gait and rhythm
    • – Train longer, run faster with minimum stress
  • • The AlterG is an important piece of equipment for professional or recreational athletes. Programs that use the AlterG include:
    • – Most of the NFL teams, including world champion New York Giants
    • – Most of the NBA teams, including world champion Miami Heat
    • – Top NCAA track and field programs
    • – Top NCAA football and basketball teams, including Duke and Alabama
    • – All of the English Premier League soccer clubs, including Manchester City
Alter-G Runners
  • • Rehab AND train with your natural gait and rhythm
  • • Reduce your weight to that level where impact is not harmful
  • • Maintain fitness while rehabbing
  • • Better and more natural than aquatic exercise/rehab
  • • Add volume without the wear and tear
  • • Great, safe option for over-speed training
  • • Active recovery runs can see quicker pace for improved turnover
  • • Faster and more frequent running without age’s next day penalty
Alter-G Seniors
  • • The AlterG is a safe way for seniors to take part in physical activity, while maintaining balance and putting less stress on frail joints
  • • The AlterG treadmill can improve the following:
    • – Endurance
    • – Strengthening
    • – Range of motion
    • – Balance
  • • Researchers with the New England Journal of Medicine show improvements with exercise such as AlterG balance and strength training
Alter-G Aquatic Therapy
  • • An anti-gravity treadmill allows you to walk on land (we don’t live in water!).
    • – Allows you to train the correct muscles while walking, because walking in water is not natural.
  • • We cannot change your weight in water.
    • – An anti-gravity treadmill allows us to gradually take off or add weight, which is more realistic and more likely to improve your condition.
  • • After surgery, aquatic exercise requires you wait until your incisions completely heal; this wasted time causes more muscle atrophy and pain.
    • – With an anti-gravity treadmill, you can start walking pain free right away!
  • • Aquatic therapy sessions require significantly more time than traditional care.
    • – Some patients have to quit because they cannot find the time to consistently participate. With an anti-gravity treadmill, you wear the same clothes you came in with. We supply the shorts so you can get started right away!
Alter-G Weight Loss
  • • Be able to move again, when traditional cardio equipment or walking outside is too strenuous on your joints. Move pain free and shed inches and pounds on the Alter G.
  • • Treadmill instantly sheds 80% of your weight
Alter-G Ironman & Ultra Marathoners
  • • Un-weighting allows tired legs to remember quick running gait and muscle patterns
  • • Add volume without destructive wear and tear

Ready to get Started?

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