Comprehensive Spine Care

New, worsening, or chronic back pain or neck pain? Active Physical Therapy provides the most up-to-date, evidence based, and proven treatments available in Columbus, Ohio for your spine pain and dysfunction. Some spine treatments can be costly, confusing, invasive, and unnecessary. However, at Active Physical Therapy we will discuss your symptoms and concerns, perform a thorough assessment and explanation, and design a customized treatment plan to best meet your needs.

Want to walk without pain again, keep up with your children, work at your job without pain, avoid surgery, exercise pain free, or just get back to the things you love?

Treatment options include:

  • One-on-one manual therapy and massage techniques to increase flexibility of the joints and soft tissue structures
  • Dry Needling to decrease pain (new and longstanding), eliminate painful active trigger points, and increase flexibility
  • Specific neuromuscular re-education exercises to allow normal postures, daily tasks, work duties, as well as sport performance
  • Utilization of the Alter-G Treadmill to prevent fatigue and pain with walking or running

Ready to get Started?

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