Medical Massage

Medical Massage

  • Active Medical Massage is the only collaborative medical massage provider in Columbus Ohio.
  • Our licensed massage therapists has been practicing for a combined 7 years.
  • Our medical massage service is known for high levels of collaboration between our physical therapists, physicians, and massage therapists. This has resulted in high quality care and an eclectic approach (mix of treatment techniques).
  • Our expert team can offer you relief including medical massage for:
    • Sport-related injuries
    • Running or over-use injuries
    • Post-operative tissue damage
    • Fibromyalgia and tender points
    • Work-related injuries

Massage Pricing

Our massage prices are as follows:

$30 for a 30 minute massage

$60 for a 60 minute massage


We also offer massage packages! For $100 you can purchase:

4 x 30 minute massages


2 x 60 minute massages


This makes a 60 minute massage only $50 and a 30 minute massage $25!


Take advantage of this amazing package by calling 614-850-0500 or clicking the link below to fill out a contact form!

Massage FAQ

Do you offer same day appointments?

Yes! Depending on availability, we often have same day appointments. 


Do you have early morning/ late evening appointments?

Yes! Each day the availability is different, but Monday-Thursday we take our last appointment at 6pm and Monday-Friday our first appointment is at 7am!


What type of massage do you offer?

Our massage therapists are trained in Swedish massage, trigger point massage, sports massage, medical massage and aromatherapy. The massage therapist will tailor the massage to whatever your needs and goals are–from deep tissue to a more relaxing Swedish massage stroke.


What should I expect during my massage?

You should expect to have each massage tailored to exactly what you want! Our massage therapists pride themselves on being excellent listeners whether that be more or less pressure, or a full body or just specialized medical massage work on one body part.


Even if you come in for multiple appointments, do not expect that each one will necessarily be exactly the same. If you come in with a different goal or need, the therapist can change your plan of care as needed.


Can I just get one area worked on and not a full body massage?

Absolutely! If you are suffering from head and neck pain and only want a 30 minute massage focused on that, our massage therapists will tailor a massage to address that specific concern.


Am I able to do physical therapy at the same time as getting a massage?

Yes, and this is the beauty of having physical therapists and massage therapists under the same roof! If you are working with one of our physical therapists, they may find it appropriate for you to see one of our massage therapists for a portion of your physical therapy visit.


If you are receiving massage as a part of your physical therapy visit, this is actually billed by the physical therapist and there are no out of pocket costs associated with working with the massage therapist. It really is the best of both worlds!

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