Pain Management

I’ve tried “Physical Therapy” but it hurt.


Moving and performing the correct exercises is what the body needs. However, we understand that when you are in pain, it is sometimes hard to move. We DO NOT believe in “no pain, no gain.” Our philosophy is more:


“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” – William G.T. Shedd


Overall, we want to empower you to move without causing you more pain. Give us a chance to help.

What causes pain?
  • • Accident or injury
  • • Medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or cancer
  • • May be without any clear incident


“All the body needs is credible evidence of danger to create pain.” – Lorimer Moseley, PhD

What are some common symptoms of pain?

At Active Physical Therapy, we know your pain is different from others. Here is what some of our patients have told us about their pain.


  • • Headaches
  • • Aching joints
  • • Poor sleep
  • • Irritable bowel
  • • Muscles spasms and/or aches
  • • Nerve pain or irritation
  • • Psychological distress
  • • Overall discomfort
  • • Soreness, stiffness or tightness
  • • Changes in appetite
  • • Fatigue


“We can never share a pain experience like we can a vision experience.” – Lorimer Moseley, PhD

How can we help?
  • • First, by showing we care and by truly listening to your story
  • • At Active Physical Therapy, we are experts at taking the information you give us and working with you for the best outcome
  • • Our research shows that physical therapist treatment is an essential component of pain management
  • • We may teach you some ways to condition your body to help reduce inflammation and pain
  • • By conditioning muscles and joints correctly it will often help to reduce pain
  • • Our physical therapists also use treatments such as heat, ice, soft-tissue mobilization, massage, spinal manipulation, dry needling, or electrical stimulation to target certain areas of pain

Ready to get Started?

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