Women’s Health

At Active Physical Therapy, we believe in prenatal, postpartum and menopausal health for a women and unfortunately see that common issues (ie. back pain) are often overlooked or considered “normal.”  Whatever stage of life you are in as a women, once you’ve had a baby you are considered postpartum and we want to help you get back to YOUR normal!

The #1 reason women don’t seek physical therapy for pregnancy and postpartum pain is because they don’t know they can or their OBGYN/midwife doesn’t know either. Unfortunately, a common misconception is that pain during pregnancy will go away on its own once the baby is born. Recent research from The International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology shows that 80% of women who have pain or urinary incontinence that hasn’t resolved within 3 months postpartum, will continue to have chronic pain for years.

At Active Physical Therapy we help women find the root cause of their pain and not just treat the symptoms. We spend time building the brain body connection before we start to strengthen the muscle potentially causing the dysfunction.

“We can’t strengthen a muscle if we don’t know where it is.”

Ultimately we want to give you the TOOLS to manage your pain effectively and efficiently to get back to living your ideal life by creating a unique comprehensive treatment plan for you.

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