September 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our September Newsletter! Read below to learn more about what’s happening at Active PT!

Upcoming Events!

Saturday, September 22, 2018 8:00am– Fall Jam at CrossFit Future

Active PT is back at it again at the Fall Jam put on by CrossFit Future. This is our third year participating and we couldn’t be more excited to cheer on all the CrossFit athletes and help them out with game day performance and beyond! Come check out our tent for free kinesiotaping, dry needling, injury assessments and more!

Saturday, October 6, 2018 9:30 am– Walk With a Doc at Frank’s Park in Hilliard!

Join Dr. John and friends at Frank park for stroll through the park! We will be answering questions about health and fitness and help give advice on ways to stay injury free! Wear a comfy pair of shoes, bring friends & family, and come enjoy the great outdoors with us! All fitness levels are encouraged to participate! We look forward to seeing you all there!

Frank’s Park
3003 Frazell Rd.
Hilliard, Ohio 43026

Active PT T-Shirt Design Contest!

Are you creative and have a knack for design? Help us design our next t-shirt! We’re dwindling down to our last few shirts and tanks and want your help designing our next t-shirt! If you come up with the best design you win a free package of your choice: Dry Needling, Massage or Alter G! Please email your design to! We look forward to seeing your designs!



Dr. Missy is doing an awesome job of spreading awareness to the benefits of physical therapy for all of our pregnant and postpartum moms! She met with the group Fit4Mom last month- check out the pictures below to hear more about it.


Insurance and you!

As medical professionals, we deal daily with insurance questions and we’re not surprised! The world of insurance is a very confusing place! Saif decided to help out our patients and wrote an informative blog about insurance! Read it here.


New Billing System

If you’ve stopped by our Hilliard clinic, you might have noticed the sign about switching to a new billing system. All this means for you is that any visit before July is a different billing application than visits July forward. If you were a patient before July and now, you may receive two different statements, and you will owe the combined total of the two statements. Please be patient with us (we understand this is a pain!) as we transition to a hopefully quicker and efficient system!

Design Active PT’s Next T-shirt!

Dr. Mandi and Gabe look great sporting our tanks from last year, don’t they?

We’re calling out all the creatives out there! Design our next t-shirt design and you’ll win a package of your choice! Choose from Dry Needling, massage or the Alter G.

Email your design to We’ll notify you if you created the winning design!

Happy Designing! 🙂

Dr. Missy educated moms on proper core stabilization exercises and proper lifting techniques for lifting and carrying their babies and car seats for two different Fit4Mom groups, the Postpartum Group– “Stroller Strides” and the Prenatal Group. She discussed diastasis recti and ways to prevent it during pregnancy as well as postural changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum!

FIT4MOM has various locations all over Columbus! Check out each web-page below!




Did you know that Dr. Missy has a Facebook group just devoted to her pregnant and postpartum moms? Join the group here to learn more helpful information and stay connected to Missy in her Active PT Pregnant and Postpartum Group!

How a PT Sees an Exercise: Copenhagen Hold


Core: Transverse abdominis; Abdominal obliques; Rectus abdominis
Thigh Adductors: Adductor magnus; Adductor longus; Adductor brevis; Obturator externus; Gracilis

Joints: Hips, knees, and low back

Function: Directly target the thigh adductor muscles while simultaneously recruiting one’s core. Developing the pattern of using one’s core a
nd inner-thigh muscles at the same time, as well as balancing the strength of one’s adductors with their abductors, is essential to injury prevention and movement efficiency.

Who we use it with, and Why: 

Athlete: Especially among those who participate in sports such as hockey, soccer or football. The most common type of groin injury is an injury to the adductor muscles of the thigh, usually caused by a weakness in those same muscles. When these muscles are deliberately strengthened, the risk of groin injury decrea
ses. Injury prevention is very important for any athlete, as the time it takes to rehab will impede on their training schedule and performance. 

Everyday Athlete: Like the athlete group above, the Copenhagen Hold exercise is a great preventative tool to avoid potential injury to the groin area. Many everyday athletes do not train in the frontal plane very regularly (sideways), so they have weak thigh adductor muscles. It is when these weak muscles are unexpectedly recruited very quickly that injury occurs.

Rehab: Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to “prehab” their muscles and end up getting injured. In this case, the treatment method for rehabbing an injured thigh adductor is like that of prehabbing: strengthening the adductor muscles 
themselves. After an acute injury, it may take time for the pain to subside. Once it does, the Copenhagen Hold is a great isometric exercise to help build tolerance to load on the tendons and static strength in the adductors; as this is their main function in walking, running and squatting.

Things we want you to consider: 
·        Easy to do at home. All you need is a chair!
·        Start with your knees bent to assess your pain level or tolerance to this exercise
·        Keep your core tight! Many of the benefits of this exercise is derived from keeping your spine straight by activating your core muscles.
·        Make sure your hips are not bent and extended to neutral, so you don’t over use your hip flexors. 
·        Muscle imbalance is one of the leading causes of injury. Be sure to train your adductors and abductors (inner and outer thigh muscles)!

Written by Dr. Mattie, read more about her here!


Health Insurance img


As a professional who works regularly with insurance companies, it’s apparent that many people are misinformed about their coverage. Customers are paying, often a lot of money, for a product they don’t fully understand. Typically, consumerism is a logical and social process: one inspects the product they are going to pay for, discover any and all lingering details that could sway the sale one way or the other, and then follow that up with a social analysis in the form of reading reviews and consumer reports. The same cannot be said for insurance.

Click here to continue reading Saif’s blog!

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