We started Active Physical Therapy for one reason

Patient Care.


Our physical therapists are experts at caring for you. Whether you have a new injury, recent surgery, or long standing chronic pain, we focus on your goals and create solutions that work for you.

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Performance Optimization

Have you already been through traditional physical therapy, but didn’t get the results you wanted? Are you a competitive athlete and wanting to perform at the highest level? In our clinic or at your place, let us help you reach your goals with our Performance Optimization Programs.

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Active at Work

Active at Work is an outcome-based program that encompasses our clinic and on-site therapy services for your work related injury.

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About Active Physical Therapy

As a private, locally owned physical therapy clinic, you can expect superior care and outstanding customer service. We’re best known for our patient-centered approach. This means a specialized plan of care for you based on your needs and goals, not what your insurance company dictates or following a cookbook of treatments. We have the time and take the time to listen and help you achieve your goals, whether that is the return to work, sport or play!

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    When I bridge, you bridge, we bridge!

    Want to know one of the best glute (butt!) exercises that literally every person from 1-99+ can do? Introducing, the glute bridge. Our newest physical therapist, Dr. Jenna Remy, broke down the musc...

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    Knee Pain is No Match for the RDL

    Ever struggle with knee, hip or hamstring pain? Are you familiar with the Single Leg Romanian Dead lift (aka the RDL)? According to Dr. Jake, our new physical therapist, you should! Dr. Jake broke do...

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    Myth busting: Shoulder Injuries in CrossFit

    Taylor, our Summer 2019 intern, was interested by many of our CrossFit patients, especially those coming in for shoulder injuries. For her internship project, she decided to bust the biggest myth about ...

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